Amplifier Inspection


Our $85 inspection diagnostic for amplifiers and hi-fi equipment is a sophisticated testing process that we have refined over many years of following repairs to completion, around one per day at each bench. We offer it in lieu of a standard bench minimum. This diagnostic includes an analysis of your instrument’s power supply: its transformer and power filtering capacitors or switching supplies and voltage regulators. It includes a mutual conductance test for match and functionality of all tubes and a precision test of output transistors and opamps in solid state amplifiers. This process includes a reading and adjustment of bias. It includes a cabinet inspection for combos and cabinets. Wait times normally vary from one to ten days after the instrument is dropped off or an online inspection purchase is made. Once completed, we will walk you through the relevant results and explain to you where your instrument stands in it’s maintenance schedule. Some exceptions to this rate may apply (pedals are usually less and sometimes do not require an inspection……. some organs are more, etc.).



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