The Voices

Four voice multi octave mixed with LED faders, each voice with its own side chain insert. A momentary control stomp in the lower right region selects the active voices assigned by the toggles beneath their respective faders. The effects included from left to right are:

-VCA style octave. Like the legendary OC2 except our VCA octave features a low pass filter and harmonies between and including one and two octaves down.

-Band oscillation Fuzz. Channel two is a circuit with a little less presence in the music electronics world and just has to be heard. Brighter and can be much more distorted than the OC2 style octave in the first channel, this voice also includes a harmony selector knob and dip switch to select the specific overtone presence much like sliders on an organ.

-Dry signal. Its presence is more than its own voice, more than an anchor to where things started. A side chain effect loop (all channels have one) can route the original signal through any parallel effect. You don’t have to decide between running gain effects into your octave or octave into your gain effects. You can mix them independently or do both.

-High octave. One or two octaves up the far right channel features a tone that ranges from a tracking ring mod to a high octave fuzz. Gain and tone controls for dialing that in.

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